“Give Me 12 Hours...And I'll Teach You 'Electronic
Marketing' Secrets That Transformed My Annual
Income Into A Monthly Income In Just 23 Months”

I want you to join me, along with 150 attendees on November 21st in London, so I can give you “The Knowledge” on how to monetize more business opportunities faster, better and easier.

If you decide to become one of the 150 students who participate in this special one-day training, you will walk out a completely different person because you'll learn how to formulate and implement your ideal “Message-to-Market” match utilizing my time-proven Electronic Marketing (EM) strategies.

The Goal: Electronic Marketing involves media sources that utilize “plugs” and “batteries.” It's a catch-all term for Internet marketing, social marketing like Facebook and Twitter, radio and TV marketing, 24-hour phone message marketing, fax and voice broadcast marketing, etc.

And in my experience, EM is absolutely your fastest, easiest and most economical way to increase your sales and profits without spending excessive money on advertising and promotional costs. Best of all, it really doesn't matter if you're new to marketing, or a seasoned veteran. The EM secrets I'll reveal give entrepreneurs, small business owners and independent professionals a significant advantage over their competitors.

The Electronic Marketing secrets I reveal on November 21st in London helped turn my annual income into a monthly income in less than 3 years. I want to teach what I did, how I did it and why it can change your life forever ... even if you're just starting from scratch! I've done it in the U.S. and I believe I can now do it in the U.K.

The Promise: Of course, I cannot guarantee that you will turn your annual income in 2009 into a monthly income by 2012 as result of attending this event. But, I can guarantee (and promise) to show you how I turned my own annual income in 2001 into a monthly income by end of 2003.

The Event: Because this is not a public event, I request you invite only ONE guest, if you're the one who received the personal invitation from me. Our room is limited to 150 people and I want to keep it as “experiential” and “exclusive” as possible. So U.K. and European participants are welcome to attend and bring one “paid” guest who is also committed to lifelong learning :-)

The Tuition: It is $160 US (approximately £100) for standard admission and $250 US (approximately £152) for VIP admission - only 35 VIP seats are available.

The Explanation: Because my normal full-day consulting fee for my Electronic Marketing clients is $25,000 US (approximately £15,000), I wanted to demonstrate the “power of syndication” by dividing my one-day fee by 150 participants. That way, the tuition for participants would be affordable without having to sacrifice my consulting fee.

The VIPs: I will have two special events for 35 people who decide to invest $250 US (approximately £152) to attend. VIPs will be invited to a Friday evening networking party (7pm – 10pm on November 20th). In addition, all VIPs will have a special seating area (in the front of the room) along with a paid lunch to “break bread” with me during the mid-day break on Saturday, November 21st

The Access: Of the 220,000 entrepreneurs I have on my online list, about 21,000 of them are paid students. Of those paid students, about 1,800 of them live in the U.K and Europe. And of my U.K. and European students, I'm hoping to “cross paths” with only 150 of them on November 21st. It will be exciting, exclusive and exceptional, so I hope you decide to become part of the 150.

The Affiliation: I'm not planning to heavily promote any of my courses at this special event. But, if you are a student with a guest who decides to continue their education with me, I'll pay you a generous Affiliate commission.

The Terms: All registrations are final. No refunds will be available once you register, so if your schedule changes and you cannot attend, we can apply your donation to another Continuing Education event or course I offer.

The Knowledge: I've provided a simple summary of this event in the box I'm leaning against below. My intention is to provide you with “The Knowledge” so that you learn everything there is to learn about creating the perfect and ideal “Message-to-Market” match in every marketing activity you ever face.

I've made this event affordable and available to any of my students, colleagues or friends who live in the U.K. and Europe. I intend for this event to be a “kick-off” to a Quarterly meeting we have in London so I hope the impact I make on all my attendees will espouse a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship.


The 6 Facts About This Event:

WHEN: November 21st (9am to 9pm)
WHERE: London W1, England
(Venue revealed after you register)
WHO: Alex Mandossian, Chief Instructor
WHAT: An exclusive, in-person training on Alex's Electronic Marketing Secrets
WHY: To support, network with existing U.K. students and meet new students for 12 hrs of “experiential” training!
HOW: Click here to register. Training room capacity is limited to 150 attendees and 35 VIPs. You will be placed on a “stand-by” list once the room is full.

It's decision making time ... Look, because you've read this far, I want your “Yes” or “No Thanks” decision now. Remember that a decision is definitive. It's a “Yes” or a “No Thanks” ... there is no “Maybe.” Please indicate your final decision by clicking one of the two buttons below. By the size of the buttons, I think you already know which decision I want you to make ;-)